Terms of Sale

Winemaking, Treatment & Analysis has been provided by the Seller at time of listing, it is intended to provide the Buyer with general information only.

Interested Buyers are responsible to do their own analysis.
Wine Aspect shall not be held liable for any incorrect information or type errors supplied
Listing Price
Freight on board (FOB) Winery - Buyers are responsible to provide sanitised containers and transport.
Brokerage Services
Wine Aspect acts as an independent Broker and will confidentially liaise between potential Buyers and Sellers for any questions or negotiations and aims to ethically respect the interests of all parties involved.
Brokerage fee
Buyers and Sellers are each charged a 5% brokerage service fee on the value of the Red, White, Rosé, Sparkling, Late Harvest, Port & Icewine transactions.

Buyers and Sellers are each charged a 8% brokerage service fee on the value of the Cider, Piquette, Fruit Wine, Mead & Sake transactions.

A minimum $300 Brokerage service fee will be charged to Buyers and Sellers on small or partial lot transactions
Sale / Purchase
Wine Aspect will help prepare a sale/purchase agreement with agreed terms and other needed forms (i.e., BCWA, RTD, IW-1, and IW-2). A deadline date for completion of the transaction will be decided and stated in the terms.
Confidentiality is kept until the sale/purchase agreement is signed by both Buyers and Sellers, at which time contact information and all needed sale documents will be provided by Wine Aspect. Final pick-up coordination details are arranged by Buyers and Sellers directly for ease of the process.
Wine Invoicing
Liquor product sale/invoicing/payment is between licensed Sellers and Buyers only. Wine Aspect does not invoice for, nor take possession of the liquor product.
Wine Payment
Liquor product payment must be at the time of possession at the latest, with a certified payment method.
The transfer of possession and title to the liquor product shall remain with the Seller until the receipt of payment from the Buyer by the Seller, and the liquor product is placed on the shipping truck, at which time the title shall immediately be passed to the Buyer.
Buyer is responsible for the quality of the liquor product during transport and thereafter
Smoke Taint
The following labs provide smoke taint analysis: or
Wine Aspect highly recommends Buyers be present at the time of pickup, to taste the liquor product for final approval, prior to payment and loading.
Wine Aspect can not be held liable for any discrepancies between the sample provided and the liquor product sold.