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Our goal is to provide an unsurpassed level of ethics, experience & conFidentiality in our services to the BRITISH COLUMBIA Wine industry.
Wine Aspect was founded in 2012 and is British Columbia's Premier Bulk Wine Brokerage Company.

Wine Aspect acts as an independent confidential third-party Broker. Our mission is to assist British Columbia’s licensed Wineries, Cideries and Distilleries with the placement and sourcing of their bulk liquor products.
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The marketplace facilitates the purchase and sale of British Columbia bulk products between licensed Wineries, Cideries and Distilleries.

Wine Aspect is an independent third-party brokerage company with an unbiased opinion in terms of quality, price & demand.

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Meet the
Jackie Wendenburg Profile Picture
Jackie Wendenburg
President & Co-founder
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Jackie has created an ethical and secure networking system to respond to the Province’s Wine Industry’s needs. She has ample experience in Customer service and is dedicated to catering to each of your individual requests and needs.
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Mark Wendenburg
Oenologist / Consultant & Co-founder
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Recognised Winemaker in the B.C. Wine Industry, Mark saw the need for a Bulk Wine brokerage company in our growing Wine Region. He is dedicated to offering independent third-party expertise and confidentiality for your Bulk Wine needs and Evaluations.
Amy Langereis
Broker / Marketing Administrator
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Amy is an administrative assistant dedicated to serving the needs of Wineries in British Columbia.
With a passion for excellent customer service, Amy strives to provide both buyers and sellers of the B.C. Bulk Wine Marketplace with the best possible brokerage experience.
Austin Wendenburg
Broker / Systems Manager
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With 7 years of experience working in marketing and project management, Austin is well-adapted to finding solutions for clients and the most efficient way to get there. On top of brokering, he is also in charge of systems and processes to make sure all operations run smoothly.