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Everything you need to know about the wine brokerage process.

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Why do I need a wine broker?

At some point, most wineries find themselves with either a surplus or a deficit of volume. Sometimes market demands lead to these shortages or overages in volume, sometimes weather conditions play a role. In either case, the winery needs a confidential and trusted third-party bulk wine broker.

Wine Aspect BC Bulk Wine Brokers provides professional services and expertise in sourcing or selling your bulk wines. Our knowledgeable staff will assist you in finding the best possible match whether you are buying or selling.


How do I submit a wine for listing?

Submitting a new listing can be done using our online form.

We recommend browsing the form to ensure you have all the information on hand.

The Seller needs to ship or deliver a 750 ml sample for sensory evaluation to our office. The wine will either be listed as self-standing or blending quality. We reserve the right to refuse the listing of faulty or poor-quality Wines.

Does Wine Aspect broker only wine?

We aim to help any British Columbia licensed liquor manufacturer with their inventory and are currently working with Wineries, Cideries and Distilleries.

How do i price my wine?

If an asking price has not been set by the Seller, Wine Aspect can recommend a market price.

The market price is based on current market demand and Professional independent tasting evaluation along with the Bulk Wine Specifications provided by the Seller.

How many samples do I need to provide and to whom?

Subsequent to listing the wine, Wine Aspect will request fresh Bulk Wine samples as needed for submissions to potential buyers.

Several Shiner samples may be requested in advance to have them readily available in our office for submission to potential buyers.

Who is responsible for shipping wine samples to Wine Aspect?

The Sellers are responsible for delivering current and representative samples of the wines to Wine Aspect for submissions.

Samples may be shipped or dropped off at our office or in some cases we may be able to pick them up.
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Who is responsible for transport of the bulk wine or Other Liquor Products?

Buyers are responsible to provide sanitized containers and transport.

Who invoices the buying winery?

The Seller invoices the buying Winery directly after Wine Aspect sends all sales documents and contact information.

Does Wine Aspect list wines from other provinces in Canada?

Wines from other provinces in Canada can only be listed if cellared in a B.C. Winery.

Can I list wines that are not from Canada?

Foreign Wines can only be listed if cellared in a B.C. Winery.


How can I request a wine sample?

After browsing the Marketplace, simply send us an email with the listing number of any wines you are interested in.

Clicking on any listing number will automatically copy it. After that, simply paste it into your email.


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What is included in the listing price?

The listing prices are FOB (Freight On Board) at the Seller's winery.
Buyers are responsible to provide containers and transport.
The listing price does not include GST and the Brokerage service fee.

How many wine samples can I request?

Up to 6 samples per client are supplied free of charge. If no sale is realised, subsequent samples will be subject to a Shipping and Handling charge of $20 per sample.

What happens if the wine analysis provided by the seller doesn’t match my analysis?

The analysis has been provided by the Seller at the time of listing, it is intended to provide potential Buyers with general information ONLY. Interested Buyers are responsible to do their own analysis. Wine Aspect can not be held liable for any incorrect information or type errors.

Can I purchase less than the listed volume?

Normally Sellers state the minimum purchase volume on the wine spec sheet.

How long do I have to pick up the wine at the sellers’ winery?

A deadline date for pick up is set in the agreement at 3-4 weeks from signing, to allow the Buyer to organise transport details. Buyers can contact the Sellers directly for final pick-up coordination.

How does the sale’s process work?

Once the purchase/sale terms are agreed upon, Wine Aspect will draft an agreement, detailing the price, quantity, delivery time frame, payment terms, and general shipping information. The agreement must be signed by both parties individually.

Confidentiality is kept until the sale/purchase agreement is signed by both Buyers and Sellers, at which time contact information and all needed sale documents will be provided by Wine Aspect.

Final pick-up coordination details are arranged between Buyers and Sellers directly, for ease of the process.

Wine Aspect does not take possession of, or payment for the wine.

The Wine transaction is invoiced by the Selling Winery to the Buying Winery.

The Brokerage fee is invoiced by Wine Aspect to each the Buyer and the Seller.

The transfer of possession of the wine title shall pass to the Buyer as soon as the wine is placed onto the shipping truck and the receipt of payment from the Buyer by the Seller. The Buyer is solely responsible for the quantity and quality of the wine from then on.

It is the Buyer and Seller’s responsibility to ensure that they comply with all current rules and regulations regarding the purchase/sale of their products.

Does Wine Aspect take payment for the wine?

No, the Seller invoices the Buyer directly for the wine.

How do i make payment for the wine?

The agreement states payment must be made using a Bank Draft or Certified Cheque at time of pick up. However, Buyers can request alternative payment methods with the Sellers.

Brokerage Fees

What is the fee for brokerage services?

Buyers and Sellers are each charged a 5% brokerage service fee on the value of the Red, White, Rosé, Sparkling, Late Harvest, Port & Icewine transactions.

Buyers and Sellers are each charged a 8% brokerage service fee on the value of the Cider, Piquette, Fruit Wine, Mead & Sake transactions.

A minimum $300 Brokerage service fee will be charged to each Buyers and Sellers, on small or partial lot transactions.


What if there is a discrepancy between the wine sample received and the wine lot?

Wine Aspect organises fresh representative samples from the Sellers for submissions to ensure comparability to the current state of wine lots listed.

However, it is the Buyers’ responsibility to be present at the time of possession to taste the wine from the tank prior to final purchase approval (stated in the terms).

What happens if the actual volume differs from the invoice at time of pick up?

Buyers are responsible to be present at the time of possession to contest any discrepancies regarding the wine quality or volume.

To protect all parties, a transfer of possession form is provided by Wine Aspect to sign off on the wine lot quality and volume invoiced. If the Buyer (or its representative) chooses not to be present at pick up time of pick up or to pick up the wine without completing the “Transfer of possession” form, then the Buyer waives the right to contest discrepancies between samples provided and bulk wine purchased, and/or contest the volume received.

When does the wine title transfer to the Buyer?

The transfer of possession of the wine title shall pass to the Buyer as soon as the wine is placed onto the shipping truck and the receipt of payment from the Buyer by the Seller.

The Buyer is solely responsible for the quality and volume of the wine from then on.