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12 Head Filler/Corker + Screw Cap Applicator


  • A Technovin semi-auto Screwcap applicator and ‘GAI 600’ 12 bottle filler with vacuum corker.
  • The Filler/Corker has a 1200 bottle/hour potential and the Screwcap applicator is an adjustable, single head unit.
  • Both units were used for 2500 case/year production from 2005-2013, since then they have been used once for a run of 100 cases about 2 years ago and were still running flawlessly.
  • Both units have been kept covered and stored indoors.
  • Asking $7000 CAD (OBO) for Screw Cap Applicator and $23000 CAD (OBO) for the Filler/Corker.
  • A package price is negotiable.